Vlogging Equipment You Need To Create Videos

best vlogging equipment

When it comes to vlog creation, vlogger should have a good quality video camera, tripod, lighting and external microphone for excellent videos. It’s best to get a camera that has a stabilizer so that your camera won’t shake when you are recording. If you don’t have a stabilizer, then use the built in microphone on your camera to record your voice.

Below is the equipment needed to start vlogging.

Video Camera

video camera

The video camera has been a vital part of our lives since its invention. From the earliest days of the motion picture camera, we have seen its impact on every aspect of our lives from movies to corporate business ventures. Today the video camera serves in various capacities and is an essential part of everyday life. It holds great significance especially in the field of special effects. For instance, it is not surprising to see so many action sequences, stunts and movie scenes where the use of a video camera clearly shows the actors’ actions and expressions.


Tripods are basically stands or frames that can hold a camera, camera lens and other equipment on them. Tripods can be fixed horizontal or vertical. The most common tripod is made up of two main components, the stand and the base. The stand or base usually consists of a drum or bracket attached to a flexible vertically or horizontally rigid support. Usually the stand base has a hole in it through which you can fix the tripod on the floor.


A tripod is an unstable three-legged stand or frame, used primarily as a support for the weight and holding the balance of any object. Tripod provides support to the camera and lenses through its legs and is fixed on the floor. There are basically two types of tripod – those that have ball head legs and those that have a clip-on leg. The ball head tripod is more flexible in terms of its usage, as it could be moved around easily while the clip-on tripod needs to be fixed and remain at one place.


The advantages of this Microphone are it’s very light and easy to carry, it’s also reasonably priced and you can plug it in any audio interface (DAW, PA or USB). Another great thing about this Microphone is the ability to pick up sounds from far distances away which is possible using its short sensitivity.


On the other hand, the disadvantage of using this Microphone is that its sound can be distorted if a large amount of noise is introduced into the recording. Also, this Microphone has no diaphragm to capture or record audio signals, which means that any static noises or echoes are audible.


Photographic lighting is nothing but the indirect lighting of different scenes to be photographed with a camera. A photo simply records specific patterns of light, shade, and color; lighting is very important in capturing the scene. Correct lighting is needed to give an exact replica of the scene in the photograph. Lighting can be achieved through reflecting lights, back lit objects, or candles and can be adjusted during the photo shoot depending on what you want the photograph to resemble.


One of the most common methods of photo lighting for selfies is to use LED strip lights. They are available in a wide range of colors so you can easily find the one that matches your existing mood. By using LED strips we can indirectly provide for a more natural effect of light than fluorescent bulbs which tend to produce warmer light and are often found in photo lighting products.

LED strip lights are available in a wide range colors so we can easily find the one that goes well with our existing mood. Another useful tip in achieving photo lighting for selfies is by using candies because candies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. We can easily find the candies that go well with our subject.

Video Editing Software

You will need to be able to upload the files from your camera onto your computer. This means that you will need to transfer the videos from your camera onto your computer using some kind of device. Some podcasts can be uploaded using a simple USB cable. Others need a specialized device such as a FireWire port or a digital optical drive.

video edit software

The final thing you will need for your how to vlogs is the most important part, which is the editing software. You will want to make sure that you get software that allows you to manipulate and change the way that you are presenting your vids. Video editing software is designed to allow people to better improve the visual appeal of their videos. This can be achieved by cropping, removing unwanted frames, adjusting brightness and contrast and adding music to the mix. editing software can be very useful for how to vlog.


All backpacks have a number of main pockets, including multiple interior and exterior pockets, an outside storage area, three to six front pockets (including a large front pocket, used for a variety of purposes, including maps and other equipment), a couple of “reach-in” pockets (one inside the bag, one outside), and one inside the waist band.


Some backpacks also have a top-grain leather or nylon outer layer, while others are made of mesh or plastic. The materials used to make backpack straps vary greatly, with cotton and polyester usually being the most popular. Most backpacks have adjustable straps, although some straps on older backpacks have been replaced by a single buckle.