6 Types of Camera For Excellent Photography

type of cameras

A camera is an electronic optical device used to take an image. At their simplest, cameras are typically sealed boxes with just a tiny hole to allow light into the camera to take a picture. The camera body is called the camera sensor. Many cameras have different mechanisms to manipulate the way the light falls … Read more

5 Vlogging Content Ideas For Beginners

vlog ideas

When you begin making your very own video blog, chances are you will get stuck at coming up with some vlogging ideas. What is a vlog and should you create? What vlog topics should you use? How about some vlogging ideas for other things? What are the Best Ideas To Create Vlogs? As you can … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Vlog and Blog?

vlog vs blog

A vlog is basically video content made by an individual. A blog is essentially written content. However more detailed similarities are between vlog and blog as follows: Vlog is about making informative video content related to your personal interest, your travel stuff & based on your own interest. Blogging is about writing short articles, posts, … Read more

What is a Vlog?


A vlog is very similar to a blog, but the format is different. A vlog is more of a personal expression than a blog and does not necessarily update daily or weekly. They are often referred to as streams, as they are posted live on the vlog user’s channel. Blogging can be considered a vlogging … Read more