What is the Difference Between a Vlog and Blog?

vlog vs blog

A vlog is basically video content made by an individual. A blog is essentially written content. However more detailed similarities are between vlog and blog as follows: Vlog is about making informative video content related to your personal interest, your travel stuff & based on your own interest. Blogging is about writing short articles, posts, news stories, tutorials, infotainment & other stuffs based on your own interest.

Both vlog and blog have their own share of followers who believe in what they write & reveal their opinion about it to other people.

vlogging v blogging

Vlog and Vlogging Purpose

The vlogs or video blog can be made in different formats – in HD for example. The advantage of vlogs or videos in comparison with blogs is that blogs are a lot cheaper. This is because vlogs are easy to make and to submit to various video sites. Furthermore, a lot of bloggers are actually internet marketers. Vlogs can be difficult to drive traffic to, and therefore cost a fortune.

So this makes vlogging a more viable option. But then again, it can still be confusing as to whether you should start vlogging or blog. What’s the difference between vlogging and blogging? Well here are some facts that might help you decide if you should start vlogging or blog. Read here to know more about a vlog?

Blog and Purpose of Blogging

Blogging, as mentioned above, is the easier way to get your videos and content out there. Blogs can be hard to drive traffic to due to its subject and niche. On the other hand, bloggers are not as easy to manipulate since it takes a longer period of time before you can submit your video. Bloggers, however, can usually be found on most video sharing websites like YouTube and Metacafe.

Vlogs are short videos. There’s no need for a long introduction or explanation. A vlog full form video blog usually only has a few minutes worth of content, and they’re often entertaining. This is great for internet marketers as they can easily grab the attention of their audiences. Compared to a traditional website blog, vlogs have a higher chance of getting viewed and read.

Video blogging is not exactly video blogging. Yes, a blogger can make use of video files from streaming sites like YouTube but the content remains the same. As for vlogging, it still refers to using videos posted to YouTube. They’re just not directly attached to it.

The Differences

The third difference between blogging and blogging is that a blogger can use personal media sharing sites like Twitter and Facebook to provide information about his or her videos. A blogger, on the other hand, cannot do this. It’s because bloggers are using the medium to provide personal information and not to share advertising-supported links. They use the information related to the posts as the platform to promote products or services.

Most people would say that blogging and vlogging are the same thing. However, this isn’t completely true. They are different because one uses written content while the other uses video content as the main source of information. When you use one, it means that you are providing written information but you are also providing video content for your followers to view and comment on. On the other hand, when you use the other, it means that you have already created a blog but you are also giving out information in the form of text and audio files.

In order for a vlogger to be called a blogger instead of a blogger, he or she has to adhere to a very specific set of rules. First, a vlogger has to always provide video content. It should always contain video links at the bottom or it could be displayed at the top of the page. It should also contain information written in the present tense and it should not contain commercial references in the body of the post.

You may think that this should be a big challenge but vlogging has become quite popular over the past year or so. One reason why it became so popular is because many bloggers use very organized and user friendly systems for recording their videos. One example of this is vblogger. This is a very organized system that allows users to post videos in an orderly manner. Another good thing about blogging is that you don’t need any special skills in order to make it successful. Anyone can create a video blog using any video camera on their computer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is no real difference between blogging and blogging. They both contain video content that is made available for the public to view. Vlogging was created as a way for bloggers to express themselves and get their thoughts out to the world. People are able to express themselves more through vlogging than they could through regular blogging.