5 Vlogging Content Ideas For Beginners

When you begin making your very own video blog, chances are you will get stuck at coming up with some vlogging ideas. What is a vlog and should you create? What vlog topics should you use? How about some vlogging ideas for other things?

What are the Best Ideas To Create Vlogs?

As you can see, there are many different vlogging options to choose from. Vlogging is becoming more popular each and every day. If you haven’t used vlogs before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the content available. There are also few major differences between a vlog and blog. As long as you remember these three tips, you should have no problem creating effective vlogs. Keep in mind that not all vlogs will receive the same amount of views, so be sure that you are creating vlogs that people want to watch.

I’m going to assume that you have nothing yet to lose by trying to come up with new video ideas. You’re in the world of free blogging, and there are literally thousands of blogs out there. In fact, most of them have the exact same format of the content. The only different between them is the vlogs they put together. Here’s a list of some vlogging topics you can use for free.

Vlog Ideas To Create Attractive Videos

First of all, you should think about the content of the videos you create. Are you going to make fun videos around social issues? Do you want to show off some music? Perhaps you have a website with hundreds of products that people would like to buy but never do. Your final videos should have one purpose and that is to encourage viewers to help you promote your vlog.

1. Sports Vlog

The sports vlogging channel is perfect for those people who love sports and want to share their opinions on sports. You can record videos of pre and post matches of popular sports or interacting with other vloggers on the channel. You can also record yourself doing exercises. If you don’t care about sports, you can upload any video you want. Just remember that the more popular a video gets, the more views it will get. This means getting more viewers, so you should focus on these two things.


2. Food Vlog

vlogging ideas are perfect if you have a website that sells food or hosts cooking shows. Since this type of niche tends to go viral, you need to make sure you make videos of yourself cooking. These are great because you can actually see what the food will taste like when it’s made. However, don’t forget to put your website address in your video description so that viewers can go online and buy anything you sell.


The best food vlog ideas aren’t always the most complicated. Instead, try to come up with ideas that are unique and interesting to you. You can also combine your blog topic with a food-related vlog. For example, if you’re talking about making healthy food choices for diet beginners, you could incorporate some healthy recipes or even an entire recipe book right into your vlog. Just make sure that your next vlog doesn’t turn into a sales pitch.

3. Marketing Vlog

vlogging ideas can range from very simple to very complicated. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can really capture the audiences attention. You can start simple by just posting a daily vlog and showing a bit of yourself throughout the day. As you gain more confidence, you can start to depict more complex video ideas. This is also a great way to promote your website or give tips to other viewers.

4. FAQ Vlog

One thing you can do to promote your site is to make videos of yourself answering questions. You can even make multiple videos to answer several questions at once. This can be a great way to get more viewers to your vlog as well as providing valuable information to those who visit. Just make sure you do the research to ensure you are giving people information they will value. For example, if you are promoting a site about dog training, you wouldn’t talk about how great chocolate tastes if your viewer is allergic to it.

5. Humor Vlog

Some other great vlogging ideas include using humor to attract more viewers. Some people use funny sayings or images in their vlogs to get people to engage more with the content. Others choose to write short vlog topics with just a little bit of advice included. Whatever your preference, these tips will help you find great vlog topics to use as part of your next vlog.

6. Travel Vlog

Other Ideas

One other option for vlogging ideas is to write articles and then turn them into videos and posting them on YouTube. The advantage of doing this is that you can share your article with viewers who are not at YouTube. As long as you are providing quality content and answering questions, they will click through to your vlog. Just make sure you give people plenty of content that they can enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns, it is best to consult a professional before writing an article to ensure you are giving the readers the answers they need.