The Best YouTube Channel ideas For Beginners (2021 List)

We all know that YouTube is the famous video streaming website in the world. It is now the host to multiple video channels that belongs to almost every imaginable subject. A huge number of videos are posted on YouTube daily, which also makes it competitive. Starting a new channel on YouTube is a lot of work.

However, if you have a good idea in your mind and understand YouTube analytics and video marketing, you are good to go. When you plan to start a new channel on YouTube, you need to spend time editing videos, scripting, producing but most importantly, first find the appropriate topic. Go for the topic which you are passionate about and drags more customers.

To be successful on YouTube, you must have a complete understanding and focus of the desired niche. If you are hunting for the best YouTube channel ideas, then you have landed at the right place. Let’s check these unique ideas. 

1. Personal Vlogging

Personal vlogs is the easiest way to start a YouTube channel because it does not demand additional equipment except a device with a camera to capture videos. Things happening in your personal life can entertain others. All you need to do is record your personal life, opinion, thoughts and share them with others.

If you love to connect with others and have tricky ideas to present your videos, that will increase the chances of standing in the limelight. If your video is fascinating, your video will become viral soon. YouTube users like to see vlogs so that you can go with it. 

2. Traveling

If you search on YouTube, multiple Traveling channels are already available that are doing great. It is probably because of the high demand for this niche. You can also combine it with personal Vlogging. Even if you are not traveling so far, sharing the places you visit with others who admire those places but can’t visit will ultimately make good views on your video.

Try to make a video in such a way that gives a natural feel. People love to watch the places where they cannot go or points that can bring them back to their memories. By viewing your videos, users can also get ideas about new spots to visit. If users don’t know where they should spend their next holiday, your videos provide options.  

3. Cooking

One famous niche on YouTube is cooking. No one can survive without food. People get bored by regularly eating the same food and taste. New recipes and food ideas can attract people easily. Everyone wants to have high-quality food, which ultimately means they will cook themselves. A proper recipe with an ingredients list and step-by-step guide is a great way to attract people.

Although recipe books are available, people love to watch how to mix each ingredient to get the best results. You can create multiple dishes or go with one niche like baking. It is also a good way to attract video marketing opportunities. When your video reaches a specific number of viewers, businesses can approach you to promote their cooking utensils and ingredients.  

4. Gaming 

It is an age of video games, and people love to spend their leisure time playing different games. Users also prefer to watch other people playing games. By doing so, they get to know about various tricks and tips about the game. Some well-renowned game players also make game channels to share their online gaming experience with others.

You can adopt different approaches to boost your channel. For example, you can add the latest news about the games, new releases, updates, and much more. Intense players always love to watch how other people are playing their favorite games. Running a YouTube channel with attractive commentary and effective tricks can take you to heights. 

5. Lifehacks

We all want to save time and money, which ultimately means there is a significant demand for life hacks and tricks. You can run a YouTube channel with general life hacks or go with the sub-niche like cooking hacks, makeup hacks, household hacks, and many others. The demand for smart and effective life hacks will never fade away if you continuously place new things in front of people.

People can enjoy watching life hacks without getting bored. A lot of people prefer watching this kind of video. The idea of making life simple by applying tricks can attract anyone. You can tell people about easy ways to apply eyeliner, shortcut ways to make birthday gifts, unbelievable usage of baking soda and much more.  

6. Product Reviews

Unboxing products are very famous nowadays. You can share with others what you feel about the product and what your views are about it. You can also review a popular product that has massive market potential. You can go with different formats to give the product reviews. For example, there are unboxing videos to film yourself unpacking a product and trying it out.

Instructional videos in which you can tell people how to use a specific product are also famous. Most of the users first want to check the reviews of others and read comments, then decide whether to buy it. You can add such content to your video to gain more subscribers.

7. Fitness Tips

Before going for face-to-face consultancy, people first try to solve their fitness problems through YouTube. Health and fitness niche contribute to a great number of viral videos. Workout videos are highly famous because it is extremely easy to follow the workout routine from a video instead of the book. If you somehow connect the workout with the personal story, your video will become viral soon.

Once your channel reaches a specific level, you will also get sponsored opportunities. Furthermore, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can share your experience with others. Through fitness videos, people can clearly understand what to do what they will get from it. 

8. Education

Another famous niche on YouTube is education. People always want to adopt the new ways through which they can improve themselves. Students and parents are always looking for high-quality and authentic resources to gain. If you are keen on education, you can create your YouTube channel and share it with others. 

You can also help people in doing their educational tasks or solve their studies-related problems. By doing so, you can engage more people with your channel. It is also a great way to improve your knowledge skills. Share your skills with others and get connected with others.

9. Technology

You can share whatever talent you have on YouTube. You might consider one thing very simple and uncomplicated however other people don’t know how to do it. For example, technology if you are a Photoshop expert, you can share your skills with others. If you know how to fix computer problems, many people will love to know about it.

It is because YouTube is the first place where people go to find the solutions to their problems. A video is much easier to follow as compared to manual instructions. Try making video tutorials that are informative and entertaining; then, you will stand at the top on YouTube.  

10. Humor

Do you have a good and smart sense of humor? If yes, then why not take advantage of it. Well, this category involves so many types of videos. Many successful YouTubers utilize humor in their videos even if the main topic is entirely different. If you can smile on others faces easily, your video will be shared and loved by millions, which ultimately boosts YouTube analytics.

Just keep on the right track, and you are good to go. Just like a regular daily life routine, a good sense of humor attracts people. You can share exciting and smart thoughts with others to keep them engaged. 

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