DJI Osmo Pocket 2: Review & Buyers Guide

dji osmo pocket 2

In this version DJI has tried to deal with most of the limitations of Osmo’s pocket. The Pocket 2 is considered as the best tool for capturing the stable video footages. It is highly suitable for vloggers and content creator because of its enhanced and improved feature. We also found few vloggers interested in GoPro Hero 9 professional camera.

You will get better autofocus operation, fast and wide lens, large sensor, and additional mics. The controls of the cam are super easy to understand. We must say it is a beautiful combination of pocketable size and stable video. If you are tired of your shaky smartphone footage then this camera is going to save your life.

dji osmo 2

The design of this pocket 2 is almost same as its previous model “dji osmo pocket”. It weighs almost 117g and its measurement is 12.5cm. There is an option to attach the optional joystick and also mode button. You will also find function and record button which helps in changing between shooting videos and capturing photos. The USB port for charging and microSD card option is also available.

pocket 2


  • Sensor Type: 1/1.7” CMOS
  • Sensor Size: 20mm
  • Resolution: 64MP and 16MP
  • Video Quality: 4K/60p & 2.7K/60p & 1080/60p
  • HRD: Yes
  • Zoom: 8x & 4x lossless
  • Mode: Panorama in 3×3
  • Audio Rec: Microphones with directional tracking
  • External Storage: Micro SD
  • Battery Time: 2:30 Hours
  • Weight: 117 grams

What We Like

  • Super smooth video with its 3-axis gimbal stabilizer.
  • Four microphones enable user to record from multiple directions.
  • Improved 1/1.7 inch sensor allow person to capture 64MP photo and 4K video.
  • 93 degree angle provides high flexibility while capturing the moments.
  • AI-editor makes sure to make your content outstanding.

What We Don’t Like

  • Image quality changed to normal when fully zoomed in.
  • Photos seem unbalanced when tried witha a smartphone.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Features

pocket 2 camera

Let walk-through the most spectacular functions in a bit detail:

Pocket Fit Design

The amazing thing about this camera is that this DJI camera easily fits in pocket. You can easily keep it in your pocket and mover anywhere you want. It is neither bulky nor too heavy to carry. You will find it most convenient camera in the market.

3-Axis Stabilization

A 3-axis gimbal system makes sure that you capture smooth video even during walks and heavy steps. It provides better results as compare to many other heavy smartphone and action cameras. This handy tool will provide you three different modes. First one is tilt lock that enable or disable the up and down rotations. Second one is FPV mode which provides full movement freedom, and last one is follow which keep the camera horizontal.

Directional Audio Recorder

This action camera contains four microphones which helps user in recording audio from different directions. It also consists of soundtrack and zoon feature which boosts the audio by considering the camera focus and direction. This cam contains additional optional wireless mic which connects with the Do-it-all handle and provides even better sound quality. This thing is highly beneficial while capturing in noisy areas. Both wireless mic and on-body mic performs amazingly.

Excellent Stills

If we talk about the image quality then it is considerably improved as compare to original Osmo pocket. This is due to its large 1/1.7’’ sensor and fast F1.8 lens. The JPEGs are of almost 16MP however if you want to capture in high resolution mode then you will get 64MP file. On the other side if you are using the PRO mode, you will capture image in RAW DNG files that is approximately 127.7 MB.

4K High Definition Recording

However you cannot record both RAW plus JPEG at the same moment. You can capture 2.7K, 4K, and 1080p video at up to almost 60fps having the support of 30, 24, 25, 50, 48fps capture as well. With this camera you can also take 8x zoom shots.

Glamour Effect

With the glamour effect available in this camera you can enhance your selfie. The 93 degree angle field of view provides more flexibility to user while capturing shots for social media. In this camera along with the panorama you will find motionlapse, timelapse, and hyperlapse. The new story mode available in it enable user to combine various clips together.

Excellent Long Battery life

Dji pcoket 2 contains small 875mAh non-removable battery. If you are shooting at 1080p resolution then it will stay with you for almost two hours. The more high resolution will make the battery die early. If you want to shoot for a whole day then you need to keep its recharging in your mind.


What if this cam can automatically create a short and attractive content for you? Isn’t it just amazing? This is now possible with the AI-editor of the DJI pocket 2. It combine photos with various transitions and add music to make appealing content for you.


Price & Buying Options

dji pocket 2 price

The price of dji osmo pocket 2 is $339. See our price to get the discount and best buying options for dji pocket 2 today.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Video

Our Conclusion

The additional accessories you can get with the Pocket 2 makes it more convenient and boosts its performance. The zooming features, the mini controls and the interchangeable grips are highly advantageous. If your budget is good and you can buy its Do-it-all handle then you are definitely going to love it.

osmo pocket 2

You can make use of your smartphone if you want to monitor, overview, or download the video or photos. We must say it is best video tool. Furthermore, the panorama feature of the camera is amazing. Now, you will not have to rely on the stable hands for perfect shots. Now all of this is possible with the Pocket 2 camera by DJI. If you think it satisfy all of your needs then go for it.

pocket 2