Gopro Hero 9 Camera Review

gopro hero9 review

Either you love to capture every moment or need to take your camera with you inside pocket, then the GoPro hero 9 camera is best for you. Vloggers are always excited about the new releases of outstanding and popular cameras by GoPro. The reason of success of previous model “hero 8” as 80% of the video creators prefer to buy it because it fullfils every need of vloging.

Every year, either it’s a big change, or a small improvement in the previous version users always look forward to it. Previously, action cameras were only utilized for the purpose of capturing sports, but now thanks to GoPro hero 9 which contains front-mounted LCD selfie screen.

gopro hero9 camera

Gopro Hero 9 Highlights

  • GoPro hero 9 contains ultra-high frame rate of almost 1080p240 video along with the hypersmooth 3.0 stabilization.
  • The hingsight feature of the camera enable user to capture the video 30 seconds before the recording button is pressed.
  • You can capture your photos with almost 20MP clarity.
  • Capture very clear and stunning video because of its 5K resolution.
  • Even if you are zooming in it is going to provide you complete detail.
  • You can easily access all the control by using shortcuts available at its novel larger rear touch screen.
  • Up to 8x slow motion video recording.
  • Superphoto + HDR
  • Waterproof upto 10m (30 feet)

Key Specifications

gopro hero9

Gopro hero 9 has a spectacular specs sheet that we have never seen before in other action cameras.

Video: 5K30 / 4K60 / 2.7K120 / 1440p120 / 1080p240
Photo: 20MP
Display: 1.4” front colour display with live preview and status modes
Screen: Larger 2.27” rear touch display with touch zoom
Battery: More than 140 minutes of continue video shooting capacity
Stabilization: HyperSmooth 3.0 in-camera stabilizing & horizon leveling
Shoot feature: TimeWarp 3.0 featuring Real Speed and Half Speed
Stream: 1080p live streaming webcam mode
Power: HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture and Duration Capture
Voice Input: Wind and noise reduction microphones
Audio: Stereo & audio (raw)
Sound: Great audio playback
Lens cover: Removable
Other: Foldable mounting fingers
Safety: Waterproof for up to 30 feet

Gopro Hero 9 Features List

We have a walk-through with all the available features of gopro hero 9 and picked out the great ones here in our review:

5K Resolution

If we say that GoPro hero 9 is going to provide you highest resolution among its predecessor then it is not wrong. The impressive resolution of the camera makes the image quality all way high. It is easily possible for you to capture the 20 megapixel pictures in RAW as well as JPEG format. Along with it you can also shoot the video at 4k/60p or 5k/30p.


Another benefit you can take from this high resolution is cropping of video without losing the video quality. Moreover, you can also capture stills from the 5k video. In other words, you can now capture the professional level photos with 20MP clarity. The SuperPhoto feature of the camera can select the best image processing automatically to provide you best results.

Front Display

You are going to find the GoPro hero 9 design different from its predecessors. The 1.4 inch front display is very appealing feature in the new version of the action camera. The front-facing screen of the camera is going to change the way you shoot. Another good thing is that you can easily disable the front screen of the camera. You can effortlessly adjust the screen ratio of the front screen. It provides realistic colors and also clear information.

Long-lasting battery

It contains 170 mAh Lithium-ion battery. If we talk about the battery then it is going to stay longer with you as compare to its previous version. It lasts for almost 2 hours and 11 minutes. If you are going to shoot for whole day then you must take an extra battery with you.

Hindsight Mode

Hindsight is another amazing feature that you will find in GoPro Hero 9 action camera. This attribute is already loved by many users as it enable to capture the video from 30 seconds even before you press the record button. Isn’t it just amazing? Well, of course it is. In other words, it will start recording everything for you even before you hit the shutter and keep capturing until you stop it.

Smart Design

As this version is slightly larger in size comparatively, it also contains the large size back touchscreen which is almost 2.27 inches diagonally. Although it is larger in size but it still looks like a modern cameras. You can easily approach the features of this action camera using the shortcuts available at the rear Touchscreen LCD.


This action camera contains one USB-C port, battery portion at the one side, microSD card slot, start and stop button, and power and mode button as well. You will also find a “Drain Mic” in the camera. The Hero9 is waterproof. You can use it up to almost 33 feet without making use of any waterproof housing.

Hypersmooth Stabilization

Hypersmooth was first added to the Hero 7 which is highly beneficial in dealing with the shaky videos. However, GoPro has always tried to provide betterment in new versions. In GoPro Hero 9, you will not only find the improved Hypersmooth characteristic but also Timewarp.

Hypersmooth makes your video stable while the Timewarp will serve you by recording the engaging scenes while you move on the road. Moreover, in this action camera Speed ramp feature is also available through which you can choose the real speed or half speed when recording.

Scheduled Capturing

Schedule capturing is another amazing feature which enable user to manage or schedule the time. In other words, you can tell the GoPro when it should start shooting. This attribute really comes handy when you are making time-lapses. Furthermore, by using horizontal leveling feature, this cam will automatically adjust the video horizon’s straight. It means now you will not have to struggle to keep the horizon straight.


gopro hero9 black

The regular price of Gopro Hero 9 is $349. Checkout the latest deals for the best price and discount.

Gopro Hero 9 Unboxing Video


Video Review of Gopro Hero 9

Conclusion: Does Gopro Hero 9 Worth Buying?

If we say that GoPro Hero9 is best for video creators and professional vloggers, then it is not wrong. Now capture your shots while standing in front of the camera. You will find the highest resolution in this version of the GoPro camera. 23.6 megapixels mean the double resolution as compare to its previous versions.

side view

If we talk about its design then it may look a bit large but it still look like a stylish modern cameras. The two physical buttons are present one is preset at the top side and other is present on the one side. The presets are present at the touch rear screen through which you can easily access all the necessary and high-end features of an action camera.